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Welcome to Beech Hill Farm & Bison Ranch where our grass-fed herd grazes in the foothills of the White Mountains. Located in Waterford Maine, we are a 4th generation family owned farm. We take pride in the quality of our herd and the prime meat we make available through our farm store, internet and associated restaurants or stores. When you are going to buy bison meat, we hope you will choose Beech Hill Farm.

The Benefits of Eating Bison (American Buffalo) Meat

  • Higher nutritional value than beef, chicken, turkey and pork

  • Bison meat contains less fat, calories and cholesterol

  • Adapts to any beef recipe

  • Beech Hill Bison meat is all natural containing no steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics

  • Similar in flavor to beef, but slightly sweeter and richer

  • Bison meat tastes great!

Tasty Buffalo Jerky
(our customers tell us it's addictive!)

Order your whole meat
buffalo jerky today!

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Buffalo jerky for sale
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